<b>Teaching English in Binyamin</b>

EFL English Teachers in the Benjamin District of Israel

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Teacher Shortage

There just aren't enough English Teachers in Israel.

Most of us are over fifty and ready to retire.

Many schools are willing to give uncertified people, who have some related experience and lots of enthusiasm, a chance in the classroom. There are certification programs in some of the teachers colleges for teachers to get licensed. I was in the first group in David Yellin Teachers College, Jerusalem. It was then the only program, and students in the group came from all over the country.

If you're interested in teaching and have the opportunity, just don't take on too many classes, and make sure that you have a supportive mentor and fellow staff. Also get on the ETNI list, and join ETAI.

Good luck.

PS I stared off teaching without any prior experience or training, and I love it. I've been teaching English here for ten years, already.